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ESG Social

Your Businesses support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights? (*)
Your Businesses ensure equal opportunities, diversity and non-discrimination in its selection, training, development and remuneration processes for its staff? (*)
Your Businesses offer fair, safe and healthy working conditions to its employees, respecting the balance between personal and professional life? (*)
Does the organization encourage participation, dialogue, collaboration and recognition of its employees, generating a positive and motivating work environment? (*)
Does the organization have a code of conduct or ethics that establishes the principles and values that govern its actions and those of its stakeholders? (*)
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ESG Environmental

Does the organization have a defined and communicated environmental policy to its stakeholders? (*)
Does the organization measure and report its carbon footprint and consumption of natural resources (water, energy, materials)? (*)
Does the organization implement actions to reduce its environmental impact and mitigate risks associated with climate change? (*)
Does the organization promote the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency in its processes and activities? (*)
Does the organization properly manage its waste and emissions, minimizing their generation and promoting their reuse or recycling? (*)
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ESG Governance

Does the organization have a clearly defined mission, vision, and values communicated at all levels? (*)
Does the organization have a code of conduct or ethics that establishes principles and rules that must be followed by employees, executives, suppliers? (*)
Does the organization have mechanisms to prevent, detect, sanction possible cases of corruption, fraud or conflict of interest? (*)
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